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All Warriors Have Scars- Chapter Two :iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 1 0
Mature content
All Warriors Have Scars - Chapter One :iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 1 0
Self-Harm Isn't Always Apparent by BeatlesMonkeesLove
Mature content
Self-Harm Isn't Always Apparent :iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 3 2
Your Monthy Donation (SherlockXReader)
       You were sitting on the couch, a small stack of chocolate bars next to you and the T.V. turned on to a Korean drama. You were watching it intensely and eating a chocolate bar every few minutes, a blanket wrapped around you and your legs pulled up to your chest.
       "JOHN!" You yelled after a few minutes. You heard him call something back before he came down the stairs.
       "What do you want?" He asked as soon as he saw you. He took in the stack of chocolate, the pajamas and blanket, and your choice of television show.
       "I have a craving for food and you need to get it for me."
       "Is it that.....time of month?" he asked you awkwardly.
       "Yeah, do we have any ice cream?" You asked sorta pathetically. You were having one of the largest ice cream cravings you've had in a while and it needed to be satisfied.
       "I'm sure
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 6 3
I am Sherlocked Chapter 13
        John and Sherlock were sitting on a couch, waiting for Mycroft and his 'friend' to explain the details of the new case.
        Mycroft handed John a cup of tea and began to explain.
        "Have you ever heard of Irene Adler?" Mycroft handed some photographs over to Sherlock, who proceeded to flip through them. They all looked as if they were ads, all advertising her *interesting* line of work.
        "She's a dominatrix," Mycroft looked at Sherlock, who had an interesting look on his face, "Don't be alarmed. It has to do with sex."
        "Sex doesn't alarm me," Everyone knew that Sherlock was lying, but everyone was too amused to point it out.
        "So I'm assuming this Adler woman has some compromising photographs you want me to get back," Sherlock said, his deductions presumably  correct, "And John, you may want to put your teacup back on its
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 0 0
Teen!SherlockXTeen!Reader Friends at Hogwarts
       "I need you to all to take out your books and turn to page 394," You heard Professor Umbridge's voice echo down the corridor as you made your way to Professor Snape's classroom. You had been fighting in the hallway with Draco Malfoy, the school bully, and were now paying for it dearly with detention after dinner.
        You walked down a flight of stairs into the dungeon, a wave of cold rushing over you. You shivered and continued on your journey, remembering to bring a coat the next time you received detention. That is, if you ever received it again.
        You weren't the type to get on a teachers bad side, but Draco had brought out the worst in you. He had been taunting some first years and you had tried to step in. He in turn had turned on you, teasing you with everything he had. Having absolutely enough of it, you had punched him square in the nose. Sadly, it had been when Professor Snape had been walking by and
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 6 5
I am Sherlocked Chapter 12
        Sherlock and John were back at 221b, Sherlock thinking and John making lunch.
       "How do you want your eggs?" John called from the kitchen. He had decided on something simple, as he felt like doing little work today.
          "I'm not hungry," Sherlock replied, still deep in thought.
        "I'll take that as scrambled then," John began to scramble some eggs in a small bowl before transferring them to the pan on the stove. The pair worked in silence.
        John entered the sitting room a few minuted later with a plate of steaming hot eggs. He put the plate in front of Sherlock and waited for Sherlock to pick it up and begin to eat.
        "I said I wasn't hungry," Sherlock said, practically pouting.
        "Please just eat for me, for Emily's sake," John pleaded. He knew that if Sherlock didn't eat now, he wouldn't eat until
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 0 0
I am Sherlocked Chapter 11
        "Did you ever find out where the first girl was being held?" Sherlock asked Lestrade. So far, he had no leads, nothing that would help him find Emily.
        "No, my team is still working on it," Lestrade said, ready to take any and all verbal abuse Sherlock was going to throw at him.
        "Let me look at the files on the body," Sherlock asked. Lestrade blinked a few times out of shock and went to retrieve the requested files. That was the most polite Lestrade had seen him!
        Sherlock rubbed his forehead, groaning. He had been the one to suggest that they leave Emily and go on without her, technically making it her fault that she was gone, that she had been kidnapped. He was stupid enough to leave her when the enemy was on the loose, searching for Emily to seek his revenge on Sherlock.
        He wanted to find Moriarty, and he wanted to kill him  to make up for
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 0 0
Take My Hand Chapter 5
        "We're here!" The Doctor said, dragging Sarah out of the police box. He did it rather forcefully, out of excitement, and she pulled away as soon as they had exited; she rubbed her wrist in pain.
        "Isn't it fantastic?" He asked, spinning in a circle. "It is rather interesting," Sarah thought as she took it all in. It was huge, the bookshelves reached high to the ceiling and they were big. Books with spines of every color and size were stacked neatly in the shelves, almost as if they had never been touched. She reached out and grabbed the first book she saw. To Kill a Mockingbird. It was a first edition as well. She stroked the cover longingly. Jem, Scout, and Atticus beckoned her to read.
        "Does this library possibly, rent out books?" She asked. If that was the case, she knew she'd take as many as she could!
        "That's not really a good idea, when would you return it?" The Doctor
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 0 3
Christmas Present by BeatlesMonkeesLove Christmas Present :iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 0 0
SherlockXReader Christmas Kiss
        "John, where did you put the tinsel?" You called. You were decorating the flat for Christmas, and wanted to start with the mantle.
        "The yellow box!" He called back. You walked over to the box and dug through it.
        "Aha!" You grabbed the gold and silver tinsel and rushed over to the mantle. You grabbed your box of pins and pinned the tinsel to the mantle, looping it around in multiple directions. After that was done, you hung multicolored baubles on the tinsel.
        You decided to dress up Sherlock's skull by putting a santa hat on it. You grinned and looked for other ways to dress up the flat.
        With John's help and some difficulty, you were able to put the tree up and string lights around it.
        "Where are the ornaments?" You asked John. He sifted through boxes until he found the right one, "Here, _______. I'll help you hang them.
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 6 7
I am Sherlocked Chapter 10
        Emily woke up, her head pounding and her eyelids heavy. She groaned and rolled her head around, her neck popping.
        She looked at her situation and sighed. She was tied up on a metal folding chair, her hands tied behind the chair and her legs and feet tied to two legs of the chair.
        She looked to be in a basement so somewhere. The walls were some sort of strange metal and furnishings were limited to her chair and a table in the corner.
        "Glad you could join us," A man stepped out of the shadows, interrupting her thought process. She looked up and saw Moriarty. Emily scowled at him and looked away.
        "No need to be mean," Moriarty stepped forward and stroked her cheek. She then bit him as hard as she could. He smacked her back, causing her head to snap back and a red mark to appear on her cheek.
        "There's more where that came fr
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 0 0
I am Sherlocked Chapter 9
        The cab ride back to the flat was uneventful. Nobody spoke and nobody moved, as if it would disturb the peace they had not had for days.
        "How exactly did I become Moriarty's target?" Emily asked. She had no previous connections to this man until today.
        "He wants to get to me," Sherlock said. They were back at the flat and Sherlock was lying on the couch, his hands steepled under his chin, thinking," He has incorrectly assumed that we are 'in a relationship'."
        Emily was thinking. She HAD begun to like a certain consulting detective, but she knew that he would never return the feelings.
        "That's absurd!" Emily said,"I'm with John!" Truth be told, Emily knew that her relationship with John was turning into more of a friendship, but she knew that Sherlock already knew that.
        "Which makes me wonder if he is planning something l
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 1 2
I Promise SpockXReader
This is based off of Zachary Quinto's version of Spock, found in Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness. This story takes place after they have found Khan and have put him in a glass prison in the movie Star Trek into Darkness. You also have a crush on First Officer Spock and you think he may feel the same way.
        "So we have him, what do we do now?" You asked. You had just helped recover a villain by the name of John Harrison from the Klingon home world of Kronos. Captain Kirk had decided that he should stay on the ship for the time being.
        "We are keeping him here until further notice from Admiral Marcus," Spock replied. You were following him and Captain Kirk down the hallway to go and speak to Harrison.
        "Why don't we just take him back to Earth?" You asked. It really was stupid of them not to just take him back to Earth, as Harrison was doing nothing productive o
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 25 9
I am Sherlocked Chapter 8
        After the incident at the breakfast table, Emily was aware of Sherlock's every health related choice, forcing him to eat at every meal and sleep at least eight hours every night. It was difficult, but Emily managed to keep her cool and reason with Sherlock.
        She had also met some of Sherlock's 'friends' who came to the flat, always trying her best to act pleasant when she was spoken to, as she was a shy and reserved person.
        Molly Hooper was the socially awkward woman who worked in the morgue at St. Bart's Hospital. Emily and her became fast friends, as they were both awkward and shy when it came to meeting new people.
        Greg Lestrade was the Detective Inspector from Scotland Yard who always called Sherlock for assistance on cases. He seemed very nice and respectful of Sherlock, despite the rest of his team. Emily also thought that he might have a thing for Molly.
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 0 0
Take My Hand Chapter 4
       "So how exactly does this work?" Sarah asked The Doctor. She was curious how this blue police box really could fly and how it fit in the interior of the box.
        "The flying of the TARDIS or the TARDIS itself?" He asked.
        "The TARDIS. How the heck does it fit into a police box? And how does it travel in space and time?" Sarah asked.
        "The TARDIS has a component called a chameleon circuit. The chameleon circuit has the ability to change the appearance of the exterior. It was damaged, so the TARDIS is stuck looking like a blue police box." The Doctor explained,"It can travel through space and time because I am not a human being." He drew the last bit out.
        "What are you then?" Sarah asked. This was new, he looked nothing like the aliens she had seen on television!
        "I'm a time lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of
:iconbeatlesmonkeeslove:BeatlesMonkeesLove 0 3


Benedict Cumberbatch - DuJour magazine by clareiow Benedict Cumberbatch - DuJour magazine :iconclareiow:clareiow 22 7
Write Love on Her Arms- Sherlock x Reader
Trigger Warning- self-harm, suicidal intent (in possession of pills with the intention of overdose), depression. If this makes you uncomfortable then please stop reading now.
   “When were you planning on telling me?”
   Sherlock’s deep, smooth voice cut through the whirlwind of thoughts that had occupied you. Your head jerked up in surprise as you gaped at him, panic filling your chest as you quickly moved to hold your sluggishly bleeding arm behind you.
   Still stubbornly feigning innocence though you were certain that he had seen, you forced your voice to remain steady as you replied, “Telling you what?”
   Sherlock’s gaze was dark and piercing, unreadable as he spat, “Did you really think I wouldn’t find out? I notice everything. Especially you.”
   “What are you talking about?” you snapped defensively, fighting the expanding vortex of feelings that threatened to exp
:iconsupernova750:Supernova750 185 25
Labyrinth by DavidDeb Labyrinth :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 2,521 366 Winchester by Mrs-Reed Winchester :iconmrs-reed:Mrs-Reed 34 10 Supernatural anime style by Tsuki-Nekota Supernatural anime style :icontsuki-nekota:Tsuki-Nekota 754 121 Chibi Taeminie by Minanami Chibi Taeminie :iconminanami:Minanami 37 5 Superwholock? by TheK40 Superwholock? :iconthek40:TheK40 261 53 Burning through time by Koenigskupfer Burning through time :iconkoenigskupfer:Koenigskupfer 122 31 A Merry Inn and a Tipsy Cat by frogsfortea A Merry Inn and a Tipsy Cat :iconfrogsfortea:frogsfortea 241 231 Pie!Dean! by PeaceAndStardust Pie!Dean! :iconpeaceandstardust:PeaceAndStardust 17 6 11th Doctor by Rapsag 11th Doctor :iconrapsag:Rapsag 118 14 The Game is On by Cioccolatodorima The Game is On :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 1,146 133 Sherly by whatnameshouldigive Sherly :iconwhatnameshouldigive:whatnameshouldigive 17 4 RAWR! by whatnameshouldigive RAWR! :iconwhatnameshouldigive:whatnameshouldigive 48 27 Last of the Time Lords by Gelieta Last of the Time Lords :icongelieta:Gelieta 148 17 The sixth doctor - doctor who fanart by MoztDangerous The sixth doctor - doctor who fanart :iconmoztdangerous:MoztDangerous 17 0


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I was tagged by :iconlovevampireboys: and :iconazaleasnape:, so I’m combining both of them together for this!


1.) Must post the rules here!

2.) Each person must share 10 things about them.

3.) Answer the 10 questions, then invent your own.

4.) Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.

5.) No tag backs

6.) You can't say you don't do tags


10 Things About Me


1. I play a ton of instruments: piano, guitar, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone (you play one sax you can really kinda play them all), flute, and trombone.

2. I own all of the Beatles albums on CD (including Live at the BBC albums)

3. I skipped first grade. It’s not that big of an accomplishment, but it was nice.

4. I have read the Harry Potter series over 25 times (what can I say, they are very well written)

5. I prefer Marvel over DC, not only the movies, but the comics as well.

6. I can recite the most random facts and quote the most random things…. For example: did you know that dimples are muscle defects? Another example: Hamlet act 3, scene 3, line 92~ “No”

7. I have a soft spot for cuddles, in case you were wondering :).

8. I hate it when people get mad at self-harmers for ‘doing it for attention’. Seriously, I could go on a full blown rant, but I won’t do that to you (you can always ask me my opinions on it though, that’s cool)

9. I have this thing for old TV shows (Classic Who, the Twilight Zone, Star Trek TOS, etc. There’s plenty.)

10. I’m an excellent air guitarist/air drummer. Eye of the Tiger and Heat of the Moment are my specialties.


My Questions For You:

1. Who's your woman crush?

Either Karen Gillian or Felicia Day

2. Your go to sad song?

When I’m sad and need to be cheered up: Heat of the Moment by Asia

When I want to listen to a sad song: I Don’t Love You by My Chemical Romance

3. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

In college studying either medical stuffs or English

4. Why do you follow me?

Because you’re fabulous! Absolutely fabulous!

5. Favorite Doctor?

11 or 4. I like both modern and classic Who, so I have a favorite from both.

6. What time is it?

4:30 PM

7. youtube or vine?


8. google or bing?

Goggle. I never liked Bing.

9. Do you have a deep philosophical question that you've always wanted answered? (i know i do)

Ummm, I can’t think of one now, but there is probably one I’ve wanted answered at some point in time.

10. Who do you strive to be?

A loving mother (eventually), a kind/fabulous friend, a good student (idk how well that’s going for me), and a good musician!


My questions

1. Your OTP?

Well, dang, give me a hard question won’t you! My overall OTP is Johnlock, but I have lots :D

2. Favorite movie?

Another hard question! I like the new and old Star Trek movies a lot.

3. Favorite thing to do in your free time?

Read. Watch TV. The typical fangirl stuff.

4. Your least favorite anime/manga?

I don’t really have a least favorite……. yet.

5. Favorite video game?

Skyrim. I have lots, but I really like the concept of that one.

6. Favorite movie/anime character?

Movie: KHANNNN (both old and new)

Anime: Kyoya-senpai from OHSHC

7. Favorite song at the moment?

The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy

8. Favorite food?

Pizza. Hands Down

9. Favorite language?

Besides English, I like Korean and Japanese

10. Favorite animal?


My questions for you:

1. If there was one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be?

2. Your worst memory?

3. Your favorite band?

4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?

5. Favorite scent?

6. What is one issue being discussed in politics that you would rather they didn’t have to discuss?

7. What do you think your mental age is?

8. If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing?

(Stealing a question from above) 9. Why do you follow me? Or why do you not? 0.o

10. Marvel or DC?












  • Listening to: Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede
  • Reading: My screen
  • Watching: My screen
  • Playing: The Game (I just lost)
  • Eating: Air
  • Drinking: Air


This is for a fanfiction longer than three chapters.

Fandoms I do:
+Doctor Who
+Harry Potter
+Lord of the Rings
+The Hobbit

+NOTHING SEXUAL!!! Well, nothing too sexual ;)
+There can be shipping or reader inserts
+Topics such as suicide, self harm, or anything similar/controversial can be done, but may not be done to great detail unless I can mark it mature.
I can do a one-shot or 1-3 chapter fanfiction for you!

Fandoms I do:
+Doctor Who
+Harry Potter
+Lord of the Rings
+The Hobbit

+NOTHING SEXUAL!!! Well, nothing too sexual ;)
+There can be shipping or reader inserts
+Topics such as suicide, self harm, or anything similar/controversial can be done, but may not be done to great detail unless I can mark it mature.


BeatlesMonkeesLove's Profile Picture
Sarah Elizabeth
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
A person obsessed with Sherlock and Doctor Who, as well as classic rock :D I enjoy writing fanfiction and little bits of poetry. Enjoy my page!!! I'm also on Instagram! Find me at MonkeesBeatlesLove… Sherlock's site John's blog Molly's diary Connie Prince's Official Site (from The Great Game)!/thewhiphand Irene's Twitter
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